Hair Treatments — (Why aluminum?)

Niche Hair Treatments are packed full of holistic, healing essential oils, botanicals, and plant based active agents that deliver maximum conditioning deep inside the hair shaft.

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  • We are a lab which, for almost 20 years, has specialized in organic formulations.
  • We use very high concentrations of ingredients like USDA Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Shea Butter, Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts.
  • Our products contain an average of 98% organic ingredients, with most being over 99%
  • You don’t pay for brand name advertising campaigns, you pay only for the extremely high quality products you receive.
  • High end salons and spas carry these products because they recognize the value represented in quality products.
  • You cannot find higher quality hair care products at any price.
  • In economic times like these, can you really afford to pay top dollar for products which spend far more on advertising than they do on their products? We don't think so.
  • Niche Premium Beauty Supply hair products for salons

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